v3.2 @ NITRC*

*FIRMM is for Research Use Only. FIRMM has not been cleared, or approved, by the US Food and Drug Administration.

What's new in v3.2:

- Now works with GE scanners in addition to Siemens

- Available as a non-admin Singularity container in addition to Docker

- Export motion statistics in CSV format

- Supports multiple TRs in a single scanning session

- Faster motion calculation

If you’re using FIRMM, please cite:

If you'd like to use FIRMM in a grant proposal, we provide more information in Word and PDF formats.

Low movement subject scan

Some subjects make it easy to collect high quality data...

High movement subject scan

...some don't...

Medium movement subject scan

...and with most, it's hard to tell just by looking.

Our software suite allows you to measure data quality in real time, easily, intuitively, and accurately. Here's what you can do with FIRMM.

Framewise displacement over time

View framewise displacement calculations (i.e. movement) in real time.

Collected low movement table

See the quality of your data at a glance.

FIRMM prediction table

Predict how much scan time it will take to collect all the quality data you need.

Progress to scanning criteria

Stop scanning when your goals are met.

FIRMM in action

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